Corporate Identity and Brand Development

Making the vision, mission, and strategy tangible

A Powerful Business Tool

A corporate identity helps communicate to consumers what makes your business unique and what its strengths are. It also helps influence buying decisions by creating a sense of trust, consistency and reliability through the many ways your consumers interact with the business each day. Whether it’s your business’ signage, advertising, websites, direct mail, email, business literature or company uniforms, these are points where consumers interact with a company each day.

Each of these points of interaction are known as brand interaction points and they are all opportunities for your company to communicate with and influence consumers. Repeated exposure to your logo and corporate identity through your business’ communications (brand interaction points) ensures consumers gain a strong sense of your corporate identity, your brand and the messages you wish to communicate.

The purpose of a brand is to create a relevant connection between your business, products and service, and your consumers. By developing a brand for your business, product or service, you are creating an identity that will be immediately recognizable, memorable and firmly fixed in the consciousness of consumers.

A corporate identity also allows for the very important ability to legally protect the market niche that your business has staked out in the marketplace.

Start the process off right

Vanguard Solutions’ design process starts with looking into the nature of the company, its history, its market(s), its target audience. We also take into account what you would like to see (or not see) in the new corporate identity, and your goals for the company’s future.

If you are ready to start on the process of creating a new identity for your company, we have put together corporate identity questionnaire that you can fill out to help us better understand your company and how you want your customers to perceive it.

If you are interested, please allow for 15 to 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Brands Start With a Strong Foundation 

Many people only think of the logo when the subject of a business’ identity comes up. But a logo is just a graphic element that succinctly and quickly identifies the business.

Businesses that stand out from the rest build on the logo with a corporate identity. A corporate identity is the look, feel and tone of the materials that represent your business or organization in the marketplace. It represents and reinforces the values and reputation your business holds in the minds of consumers, employees, shareholders and even your competition.

Businesses that engage customers with their story and build loyalty have established a corporate identity that is a brand. The brand is comprised of every experience a person has had with the business, its staff, products, or service. It is the public perception of the personality of the business. When a customer feels in sync with a business, has a connection based on shared vision and values, and has an emotional bond — the brand is working.

Creating a Brand Only Starts with the Logo


  • wordmark
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Corporate Identity

  • vehicle graphics
  • uniforms
  • stationery
  • packaging
  • print materials
  • signage
  • electronic media
  • advertising
  • product design
  • logo design


  • marketing
  • story
  • customer experience
  • messaging
  • market share
  • product or service
  • public relations
  • common look and feel
  • mission
  • corporate values
  • reputation
  • relationship with competitors
  • style
  • public perception
  • history
  • advertising
  • customer demographics

Corporate Identity Builds Value

Advertising starts with communicating who you are. Without the solid foundation of an established corporate identity or brand, much advertising and marketing is weakened and compromised.

When used properly a corporate identity helps builds a brand and adds value to a business. Through the regular use and adherence to the design guidelines of a corporate identity, a consistent and clear message is communicated to your consumers and you get the greatest benefit from your design investment. Consumers consistently respond to businesses or products that have a well crafted brand image with supporting professional, well designed materials.

Creating a strong brand begins with understanding your market and evaluating what is truly unique about your company. Through our design process, we work with you to make sure your identity will complement both your company and the consumer you target. Contact us to create a corporate image or help manage and develop your company’s brand.

Take your company to the next level

Focus your business’ image and set it apart from your competitors by defining a corporate identity. A custom corporate identity helps to create awareness, visibility, credibility, and memorability— four factors that will help your business to achieve success.

Whether designing a new logo, or refining the standards around how your existing one is used, Vanguard Solutions can work with you to coordinate the look, feel and tone of how your company is represented in the marketplace.

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