Graphic Design

Communicate clearly and succinctly with effective design

Make a Strong First Impression

Everybody knows how important first impressions are. Now let's think about that. We know that about 90% of what we consciously take in is visual. We also know you only have a seven second window to make a first impression. So as a business, you want to use everything at your disposal to make sure you make a strong first impression!

Graphic design is everywhere. It plays a huge role in our lives. From the products we use, to what we read, to how we find our way around the world. If it has type on it, you know it was put there with a purpose.

of what we take in is visual

Good Design Converts

A slick brochure or website is nice to have. A slick brochure website that generates business is even nicer. Design isn’t about making things look pretty — effective design should entice and persuade. A well-designed brochure engages the reader and delivers results. A smartly designed website can direct visitors to take action, like clicking a “buy” button for instance. Professional graphic design has the potential to deliver measurable results for a business.

The Value of Design for Business

When the Design Management Institute and Motiv Strategies analyzed the performance of US companies committed to design as an integral part of their business strategy they found a significant improvement to the bottom line.

The study showed that over a 10 year period design-led companies have maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 211%.

Design Value Index 2005-2015

Creating Effective Graphic Design

Your business’ internal and external materials communicate the look, feel and tone of how your business is represented in the marketplace. These materials represent and reinforces the values and reputation your business holds in the minds of consumers, employees, shareholders and even your competition.

Communicate With Great Design

At Vanguard Solutions, we don't simply offer graphic design services. We use the discipline of communication design and creative problem-solving to craft materials that resonate with the target audience.

Graphic design is a communication process. Through our design process, we distill the purpose, position, and vision of the message. Effective design communicates clearly, succinctly, and inspires the reader to take action.

Graphic Design Services

We empower businesses with the tools to prosper:

Book Design/Book Covers
White Papers
Brand Development
Annual Reports

Corporate Identity
Trade Show Booths

Whether it is the printed page, a trade show banner, or a website, we work with you to produce material that get results. If you are in the market for effective graphic design feel free to request an estimate, or if you have a project in mind and just want to have a chat contact us.

Look for the CDP Certification Mark

Certified Design Professional (CPD) Certified

Vanguard Solutions employs professionals who have achieved CDP™ certification. Professionals who have been certified to a national standard by Canada’s national association for design professionals, Design Professionals of Canada. This standard includes a high degree of competence within their area of proficiency, compliance to a professional conduct code of ethics and a commitment to sustainable practice.

CDP™ certification assures those seeking design and marketing services that the provider has met a rigorous and professional standard of services.