Digital Marketing Report Card

See how your digital marketing is performing across six key indicators

Example digital marketing report card results for a business.

Get a personalized report that reviews and compares your business‘ online presence to others in your industry. Get insights into your business’ online marketing performance to see what is working and what is not.

See How Your Business is Perceived

There are many factors that contribute to your online presence and how it is perceived by your customers and search engines. Our Digital Marketing Report Card shows you where your business ranks online across six key performance categories.

Your business overall score indicates how well your marketing is performing in comparison to your competitors or other businesses in the same industry. There’s no pass / fail here — a business should strive to be as close to 100% as possible. Whether your business scores an A or an F, there’s plenty of work to be done!

Six categories to measure digital marketing
  • Listings

  • Reviews

  • Social

  • Website

  •  Advertising

  • SEO

Can customers find your business?

Businesses need accurate listings across many business directories to ensure consumers can find them online. Businesses should be found with accurate information, whether it be online, offline, on mobile sources, voice search, or GPS sources. When a customer is searching for a need they want met, they go to a search engine. If your business is not visible online, or is only visible on a few listing sites, the chances of that customer finding your business are slim.

The Digital Marketing Report Card collects data from over 70 directories to show you:

  • Number of listings for your business
  • Accuracy, or inaccuracy, of your business listings
  • Missing business listing sites

There are hundreds of listings sites and managing them all is a difficult task. This part of the report will tell you about the accuracy of your business listing, as well as those that need to be corrected. 

Business Online Listing Report

A Health Check for Your Business

By analyzing the six key performance categories of digital marketing — Listings, Reviews, Social, Website, Advertising and SEO — the report will help you understand where your business ranks, and which areas need the most help. Informed by this assessment, we can provide the right tools to help you generate more business. 

iMac DMRC results

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