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Over 85% of consumers search online before even setting foot in a store.

This means that consumers are going online to business’ websites, directories, and search engines before they even come close to entering a physical store. So isn’t it just as important for a local business to have a great online presence? One that allows customers to find them with ease.

With our software we help you create a strong foundation for your digital reputation. We help you build your online presence to improve search engine rank and help make sure that your business information is correct across the web. This ensures that customers will always be able to find you online and on the street.

You could do all of this on your own, but why would you spend more than 300 hours a year working on this? You have a business to run! Save time and put our software to work for you.

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What are listings and why do they matter?

There are websites who’s main focus is to act as business directories. These directories have listings that contain the essential information to help customers find your business online and on the street. Considering that you probably already have a website and several social media profiles, why would you need to be listed on yet other websites?

The answer quite simply is customers, and where these potential customers are looking. At one time you could count on people consistently looking to the phone book when searching. In the digital age, people search online, but not all in the same place. The more websites that list your business info, the more likely customers are able to find your business. Essentially you need to list in all the phone books to make it easier to be found.

Consistency and accuracy is important

Online directories get their information from may sources, often using digital means of copying the information. As a result information may not be complete, or worse, wrong or out-of-date. As a result, the effectiveness of a business listing depends on it existence and accuracy. 

The majority of customers will feel less confident in a business if the business' listing is incorrect or missing. This lack of confidence will likely lead them to choose a competitor. 

Important items to have in listings 

A simple mnemonic to remember what information should be included in a business listing is "NAT+WHOP". These letters break out into Name, Address, Telephone number, Website, Hours, Offers, and Payment methods.

The first four pieces of information seem obvious as they are the basic information potential customers need to contact and find your business. The next three are important in the era of online search. At least 40% of searcher are expecting to be able to find information about business hours, any current offer or discounts and what payment options are available.

Want to score some major bonus points? Manage your reviews so that potential customers see ratings and reviews that reflect a business that is responsive to their customers. 

Four reasons why listings are important to business owners

Consistent contact information

When a potential customer is researching your product or service, finding consistent information is important. Wrong or outdated information can undermine their confidence in a business and what it offers. Ensuring that customers find your correct information means that they are less likely to look further and to the competition.

More web traffic

Correct and consistent listings confirm to search engines that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. Remember, the core business of search engines is to offer up quality search results, so when they trust your business they will include your business in their results. More trust means more customers see your business in search results, which leads to a lot more traffic to your website.

More phone calls

Globally more than 60% of users accessing the Internet are doing it with their mobile phones. When a customer finds your business listing on their phone, they are just as likely to call as to visit your website. This means that your business listings need to have the correct phone number. Having up-to-date business listings means they can contact you sooner.

Higher search results rankings

As search engines crawl the web they look for mentions of your business' name, address and telephone number. Slight variations, like an abbreviated street address or alternate phone number, signal to search engines that your business might not be legit. When your contact information is consistent in every mention, on or off your website, search engines will see your business listing as trustworthy, boosting your rank in search results.

Listing Sync

Listing Sync

Create and fix listings from one place

With our listing sync tool you can create, manage, maintain and get your business found on an established network of search engines, social networks, business directories and navigation systems — all within one platform.

Make updates in real-time

Holiday hours, address changes, new payment methods — so your customers will always find the most up-to-date information.

Keep listings accurate

Finding and correcting all your local listings is not enough, you also need make sure they don’t change again. Online directories get their listing info from aggregators that scrape government databases and other public data sources. This info is often wrong and outdated, but it can be used to overwrite your listing — even after you fixed it! Even worse, an unscrupulous competitor could claim your listing and replace your phone number with theirs. Our listing sync tool is key to protecting  your business’ online identity.

Your customers are online, your business needs to be too