Do they know about you?

Did you know? On average, your customers spend more time online than they do at work every single week!

Your customers are online, your business needs to be too. Business have always used advertising like television, billboards and radio to reach their customers. Today there is another opportunity — digital!

With digital advertising, target your customers more precisely than ever before. Advertise to a specific demographic, those searching for your services, or those who visit your business. You can even target your competitor’s customers.

The best part is that you can see your marketing dollars at work. Reports will show you who views, clicks and engages with your ads. Tracking that finally provides the measurable return on investment you crave.

Target your customers where they spend the most time. 

time online

How does online advertising help a local business grow?

Put simply — digital advertising increases awareness. Compared with traditional media channels digital advertising can target your customers more precisely. For example, targeting customers at the time they are interested in buying, or only displaying ads to people who have bought your type of services before. This precision combined with being able to monitor results and tracking ROI, means that you have proof of performance.

With non-digital advertising there was often no way of tracking the effectiveness of an advertisement. With digital advertising users have access to advanced data analytics when using platforms like Google and Facebook. This way as a business owner, you know that your money is being well spent and that the digital advertisements are positively impacting your business.

Important factors in an ad’s success 

When determining the success of an ad, the important factors will differ case-by-case. Nonetheless, the ROI indicators of an ad are found in the indicators listed below:

  • Impressions: the actual # of views on an advertisement
  • Clicks: the actual # of direct clicks on the advertisement
  • Engagements: social & landing page clicks
  • Results: such as, a phone call or a walk-in

Why advertise on Google?

Reach: Google is the largest search network in the world. Over 60% of web users conduct their searches on Google, which translates out to about  5.8 billion searches per day on average.

In the age of digital, when people are looking for local services and products, they are searching online. Google’s advertising platform allows digital advertisers to find their ideal customer and get their ad in front of the customer when the customer is looking for their products/services.

Flexibility: Google’s system allows advertisers to spend whatever they want, whenever they want. This flexibility allows advertisers to test what works and what doesn’t work for a business. This allows a business to spend a bit, wait to see how the campaign performs, and then commit larger budgets when they can confirm good results.

Why advertise on Facebook?

AudienceThere are 1.79 billion people who daily log into Facebook on average. On top of that statistic, the average person spends nearly 37 minutes everyday JUST on Facebook.

So the audience on Facebook is MASSIVE, and they are on Facebook a LOT.

As a local business, you simply cannot ignore the fact that your customers and prospective customers are likely on Facebook. 

Targeting: Facebook’s systems allows advertisers  to target users by their interests, behaviours, age, gender, and location. In short, really anything that their Facebook profile may reveal about them including job title. All of this makes Facebook one of the best environments for local businesses to get the word out about themselves!

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Advertising Intelligence

With our advertising intelligence tool you can consolidate reporting from both the Google and Facebook ad networks. 

Convenience: Consolidate reporting from multiple platforms including: Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads,  YouTube Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Gmail Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads and Audience Network Ads.

Smart insights and comparison tools will help you understand what types of ads are giving your business the best results.

Value: Advertising Intelligence provides more than the traditional ad metrics and data points. By combining live reporting and unique sales data, you can see your true ROI. Allowing you to pinpoint what is making you money.

Your customers are online, your business needs to be too